DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

Web design & development

The creative team at DAY had an e-commerce platform but were looking for a fresh new website. We wanted to rethink the approach and showcase their exclusive luxury brand in a way that welcomed fashion aficionados into their world, while visually guiding them through the house’s history.

Inspired by fashion lookbooks, we worked closely to create a website that adhered to their brand guidelines and celebrated the company’s story. The result was a beautifully curated page that takes into consideration sales funnel without losing the much-desired sleek editorial style.

WordPress was the main framework to do this project, and using a blank template I developed all the visual appearance using a Visual Composer that helped me layout all the elements, different assets and optimise the images for a better performance.

The mobile experience was key for this website and therefore a new layout had to be coded for users using their phone to view the site, this was done using CSS3 responsive queries and adaptative images.