FantasyBet Redesign

UI & UX Design

As part of a massive revamp project, I took part on the creative direction and design lead of the FantasyBet platform, a B2B and B2C solution to be able to embed fantasy football games on iGaming sites.

FantasyBet has been running since 2014, their user base has been growing on the past few years, but the user experience on mobile has been causing issues on user retention, that’s why a massive revamp was needed to adapt the platform to the new technologies and trend.

Apart from wireframing, designing and prototyping the new functionalities, part of the project was evaluating the competitor UX trends, identify key points and apply similar strategies to reach a better user experience especially on mobile.

FantasyBet runs on Angulas, as part of a web-app that together with React to create a component library that can adapt its own Design System to other themes and uses inside the app, giving freedom of creating new functionalities easier.

Tools used: Sketch, InVision, Trello, Abstract and Principle.