My name is Luis Hermosilla and I'm a hybrid designer.

If you´re looking for a new website, logotype or artwork,
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About me Less is more, even in code.

Graduated as an industrial design engineer, self-taught graphic, web and product designer and programmer I have been crafting websites, brand identities, user interfaces and artwork designs for more than nine years now.If you’re looking for any service related to web design, graphic design, logotype creation or artwork design, including prototyping and industrial design, feel free to check out what I can offer to you.

Web design

From your business, an idea or a landing page, I can fully design a complete website design including the responsive version on it, using custom assets and intuitive graphics together with the best UI to ensure the best conversion.


If your company needs a new logo, your app is lacking an icon or you just want to redesign the branding of your project, I can deliver a full branding design for your project, together with all the assets to use it everywhere.

Web development

Already have a web design but you´re looking for someone to code it for you and deliver a fully working website? I can develop websites using pre-existing CMS or custom code every page of your website with any requirement.

Artwork design

Do you have a band and you’re going to release a new album soon and want the booklet to be designed, or you’re going to do a show and want a poster for it? Let me design it for you based on your requirements.

Platform setup

Looking for help to setup a new CMS installation, including any API Res integration or your site or just trying to configure an e-commerce platform by your own? Let me help you with the hard part.

Industrial design

If you have an idea of a new product and you´re just looking for someone who can design it and make it real, I can be the man behind the 3d modelling as well as the sketch creation, including plans for it.

Experience The more you know, the better.

Over these more than eight years I have been working, I have been mastering a few programming languages, design skills, art and development abilities and project manager and client-facing knowledge that has helped me achieve and succeed on every project I’ve worked.


I have high skills using all the Adobe Suite pack, especially Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, as well as Sketch for Mac, together with Github for version control and all kinds of CMS such as WordPress and Joomla and background experience using e-Commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify.


To develop all my projects, I have experience with some programming languages, including HTML5, CSS3, Php, jQuery, JSON, SQL, Python, Pascal. Using for it all available pre-defined libraries online and using the coding standards to accomplish any compatibility to face the issue that might happen in the development.

Project managing

If the work needs to be done by different teams, using for it online communication, I can help managing external and third development teams, creating briefings for them, reports and making sure everyone is employed in the most useful task based on their profile and skills, to ensure the accomplishment of the project.

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From full website design and development, poster and artwork design, brand identity creation or mobile apps, here are some of my latest projects I have been working.

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DAY Birger et Mikelsen

Andriy Danylkiv


Ragnaröck Metal Club

Naturmacht Productions



Last Leaf Down



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