My name is
Luis Hermosilla
and I’m a
product designer.

Hello, I’m Luis.
Nice to meet you.

I’m a maker, passionate about design in all forms, a problem-solver, and an end-to-end designer.

I’ve always considered myself an inventor. As I kid, I spent half of my time building stuff with LEGO or adding more features to my toys, for example to my RC cards I would add them lights with the help of a battery and the advice of my father. Later on, I found my passion for creating and reinventing things by solving real problems, both tangible and in the digital world.

I graduated as an industrial design engineer in 2015, and while studying I became a self-taught graphic, web and product designer and programmer I have been crafting websites, brand identities, user interfaces, and artwork designs for more than nine years now.

I love building things from scratch, from the initial research to the final delivery, I learned both design and programming to be able to create digital products all by myself. And still today I can’t stop learning new languages and software in order to improve my skill set.

When I’m not in front of a computer designing or learning about design, you can find me traveling the world or exploring my passion for photography. I’m based in London but I consider myself a digital wanderer in a journey to create better products by learning how different people around the world live their lives.

Photo credit: Gülşiir Çakmak @gulsiircakmak

UI/UX design

As a maker, I enjoy building products from end to end. I specialise in the design of digital products of all kinds, from a corporate website, a new product platform or a web-app based product, I specialize in designing fully complete designs, from its initial user research, wireframing, prototyping and defining the final high fidelity prototype and its design system.

Brand design

Apart from being usable, a product needs to be visually appealing, not only in the sense of being attractive but also as in line as possible as the trends of the market where this product is going to be launched, the visual appearance of a brand or product need to consist, representative and have the right character. I specialise in building grand guidelines and visual identities.


When I’m not designing, I’m always trying to help in the creation of a product, either performing user research, competitor analysis or exploring the user behavior. Not only that but I’m always learning new things and thanks to my technical background I can always jump into a development task and make amendments to the code of the front end of a site or in the CMS.


Knowledge is power, and so it’s experience.

Over these more than nine years I have been working, I have been mastering a few programming languages, design skills, art and development abilities, nd project manager and client-facing knowledge that has helped me achieve and succeed on every project I’ve worked.

Project managing

If the work needs to be done by different teams, using for it online communication, I can help managing external and third development teams, creating briefings for them, reports and making sure everyone is employed in the most useful task based on their profile and skills, to ensure the accomplishment of the project.


On my skill set, I can help, manage and consult in the development stage of any project, I have experience with a few programming languages, including HTML5, CSS3, Php, jQuery, javascript, SQL, Python and Pascal. Using for it all available pre-defined online libraries and framework environments.


I’m an avid user of Adobe Suite pack, especially Photoshop, Illustrator and XD. I’m also highly skilled using Sketch together with InVision for wireframing and prototyping and also Framer and Figma. I also work with CMS such as WordPress and e-Commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify.

Featured clients

Some examples of companies that trusted my work

Here are some of the examples of companies that have endorsed my work during these years, working for them in several designs, apps and redesign of new websites or assets.

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