Hola! Luis Hermosilla is a lead experience designer based in London currently at Slalom Build helping companies across the world improve their customer lives by designing better digital experiences ↓


Born in Barcelona and graduated as an industrial design engineer, he moved to London to pursue his passion for digital design as a multidisciplinary digital designer. Always with a focus on art and design, his interests go from building digital products to enabling companies of all sizes to carry out an effective digital transformation. He is a self-taught designer, which helped him work for companies across the world while building a network of clients and improving his expertise in the field. From designing artwork and brand identities for bands, record labels and small enterprises to designing full digital experiences for small and medium size organisations and startups, his work covers most of design's disciplines.

Luis also enjoys sharing experiences with others by mentoring designers through personalised sessions on ADPList and MentorCruise and writing about all things design and on his blog, or for publications like UX Collective or Prototypr. His articles have been featured by InVision, The Startup or Typeform.

When not in front of a computer working on one of his projects, he can be found travelling the world or exploring his passion for photography.

Although he is based in London, he has dedicated part of his life in the most recent years to travelling and working at the same time, as a challenge to understand the world and how people live and experience life in different countries and cultures, he has written about it here.


He has worked with companies of all sizes and industries, including digital agencies like MBJ London, working for the online gaming and betting industry at Fantech, supporting staffing agencies and flexible workers at Coople, enabling digital transformation at care homes and the NHS at Florence and most recently consulting for enterprises and organisations around the world at Slalom Build. Some of his clients include: Century Media, Sony Music, Napalm Records, Financial Times, Mastercard, Shell, Shopify among many other star-ups, large organisations and bands from across the globe.

As a lead experience designer, his focus spans from range of disciplines, emphasising a holistic approach to crafting exceptional user experiences. At the core of his responsibilities is the development and execution of design and product strategy, concept creation of user experience, leveraging user experience research, both quantitative and qualitative, and hands-on execution of end-to-end support of strategic planning and project management.

Browse through some of Luis' latest projects, explore his curated case studies and learn more about his work here.


Aside from his full-time work and his freelance projects Luis helps fill the gap on niche products by launching side-projects that support and help the community by growing and spreading knowledge, the most recent ones are Digital Maker Toolkit, a Notion template that enables people to launch their ideas by setting the bases of Design Thinking and using No-Code tools.

He's also working on Nomadik, a platform that helps digital nomads find places from where to work around the world and Bootanical, a site where people can find and suggest plant shops from around, both of them made using no-code tools.