Here you will find some of my articles that reflect my daily thoughts regarding UX design, design systems, product design in general and all those design topics that go through my mind in my daily life as a designer hoping they might be interesting for some people and also showcase some of my thought processes.
Gesamtkunstwerk in UX design and why we are driven by trends
Le Corbusier before Ive: The influence of the Bauhaus on modern digital product design
A year of being a designer in consulting
No-Code tools: Allowing everyone to be a digital product builder
Just enough design process
My path to design leadership: A tale of small wins and battles
Migrating to Webflow: why your company’s website should be owned by marketing
Bringing the Avant-garde to digital experiences
Going Through a Rebrand Amidst a Pandemic to Grow a Company From a Single Marketplace to a SaaS Provider
And yet another story about moving design files to Figma
Japan in the eyes of a user experience designer
Of Robots and Men: applying Asimov’s laws of robotics to user experience design
Making user research and testing part of the game
Shaping a better UX process by applying industrial design principles
How I designed my virtual workspace
What I learnt from starting my career as a designer in the music industry
Should designers code? Maybe. Should designers write? Yes. Should designers know how to sell? Absolutely.
Unlocking the third dimension
How design systems can help build and prototype better digital products
Dieter Rams: 10 principles of Good Design applied to UX design
Why becoming a digital wanderer made me a better product designer


As part of my journey as a designer and mentor, I've been compiling a resourceful page where I add any relevant links to articles, guides, products or tools that can be useful for any designer to check.

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