Articles and relevant case studies showcasing my experience and thoughts

Here you will find some of my articles that reflect my daily thoughts in regards to UX design, design systems, product design in general and all those design topics that go through my mind on my daily life as a designer hoping they might be interesting for some people and also showcase some of my thought processes.

Design systems, design systems everywhere. Everyone is talking about them, here you will find some relevant notes on why are they so important and how spending some time planning them could be reflected on the final result of a digital product.

All of us, passionate about design, art or technology have probably heard of Dieter Rams at some point in our lives. In my case, it’s one of my highlights back when I was in university, and his way of thinking shaped how I design today.

Becoming a digital wanderer wasn’t my main priority when I decided to turn my career to becoming a digital product designer, but I couldn’t be happier that I took that path.